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Universal V8 Spark Plug Wire Set

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Universal V8 Spark Plug Wire Set
Part Number: Accel4040
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8MM Universal Straight Spark Boot W/HEI or W/O HEI, Yellow wire with Orange straight boot. 8CYL.
ACCEL 4040 SuperStock 8mm 4000 Series Yellow Graphite Spark Plug Wire Set.

ACCEL SuperStock spark plug wires are uniquely engineered to upgrade your old OE wires. Ideal for street-driven applications; these 8mm wires have 450-degree-Fahrenheit-rated silicone jackets in classic ACCEL yellow extruded over sturdy; tightly woven fibreglass braids. The spiral-core wires feature RFI suppression; special high-dielectric-strength EPDM inner insulation that exceeds SAE specifications; and zinc-plated terminals; come in a set of 8, and feature straight boots.
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