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Model T True-Fire Ignition System

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Model T True-Fire Ignition System, Fits In Original Steel Coil Box, 6 Or 12 Volt, 1914-1927.

True-Fire Installation Instructions,
Features include:

IGBT Technology!                                                                        

Hidden from View!

Modular Installation!

No Maintenance!

Easier Starts!

More Power!

Easier on Engine!

Buzzes Just Like the Original Coils!

Multi-Spark Ignition!


You will love our fully electronic multi-spark ignition system. It is designed to operate on any voltage between 6 to 12 VDC. It takes the place of your four vintage coils, and timer roller. It's a shame to hide this vintage looking wooden gem under the cover of your coil box. When people comment on how smooth your engine runs, you will take pride in showing them the quality and ingenuity of your new TRUE-FIRE ignition system. We even added a buzzing sound to the unit to simulate the original vintage coils and because it produces a constant spark on dwell (Multi-Spark), much like the original coils, your engine could start on compression.

The best part is, it doesn't require any maintenance, and nobody will know you have one unless you show it to them. Even the best of judges can’t tell if you have a True-Fire installed. Many show winners have a True-Fire installed but don’t worry, we won’t tell on you.

It only has one rotating rotor component that triggers the main module in your coil box. No friction in the system, no distributor cap, points, condenser or rotor to wear out. 
Just remove your four old vintage coils and swap them with our beautiful single unit super coil module. Then, remove your commutator and roller brush from the cam and install our rotor and sensor module inside the vintage hardware.

Lastly, add the included ground wire in a place nobody can see, and you’re finished. Typical installation time is 30 minutes. And if for any reason, you would like to put the vintage hardware back on your car for a show, you can, with little effort. It is designed to operate on any voltage between 6- and 12-volts DC and works very well in combination with our 12-volt magneto voltage regulator. The standard unit fits cars 1914 through 1927.

Wooden Coil boxes
(Heinze, Kingston or K-W)

Wooden coil boxes such as the Heinze, Kingston or K-W models require special modifications and it is highly recommended that you provide the internal dimensions of your box. We have found that they are not all the same. After you place your order, please contact us with your wooden coil box internal sizes, 

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