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Chrysler Corp. RV-2 A/C Compressor (used)

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Chrysler Corp. RV-2 A/C Compressor (used)
Part Number: 690423
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Used, Chrysler Corp. RV-2 A/C Compressor, Serial # 690423, Part # 2941998 RV2.
Comes With Pulley, Clutch, dryer, lines and hose. Works, or use this one if you don't have a core and want to ad a A/C System to your Car or Truck.

Mopar enthusiasts who wish to repair their existing air conditioning system or to add a complete assembly that looks as original as it did on the showroom floor. In both cases, a Chrysler RV-2 compressor is not only easy to find, but a good used unit can be easily rebuilt to proper working order. It is also easily adaptable to comply with new regulations regarding the use of safer R134a.
VintagePlanet.ca and others still have rebuilt units available for however, they require a trade-in unit to sell the compressor to you. New and rebuilt clutch/pulley assemblies as well as many other air conditioning service items are still readily available from companies such as VintagePlanet.ca, and are easy to change with the right tools.
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